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Programs are sending message on two different steam of data: standard output and standard error. Standard output, notes as stdout, is where the program is writing the output data. Standard error or stderr is to output the error messages or diagnostics. With this two stream we can therefore separate between these two kind of output and process them separately. A third stream of data exist, that is standard input or stdin, which correspond to the entry of data for a program.

Classical shell programming involved to play with these different stream of data, where the stdout of one program is pipe to the stdin of an other program to get the desired functionality. One of this task is to filter the output of a command with grep.

$  ls -1
$  ls -1 | grep D

However, pipe is only for redirection of stdout to the stdin. Sometime we would like to filter the stderr and not the sdtout. Therefore we need to redirect the stream so they can be processed correcrtly.

First we can redirect stderr to stdout and mix the two output that will be then filtered:

$ myprog 2>&1 | grep something

In the same time we can destroy the output of stdout and only keep stderr to be filtered:

$ myprog 2>&1 > /dev/null | grep something

You have to be carefull in the order of the command since the following do not seems to work as expected, both stream being redirected to /dev/null

$ myprog > /dev/null  2>&1| grep something