Xerox gives the drivers only for 32bits Linux boxes. The installation of the drivers under 64bits is not strait forward, therefore here is a small guide on how to install a Xerox Phaser 6010N on Debian Wheezy 64bits (amd64). It should work similarly on any Squeeze box.

For the inpatients

Here is the fast content:

  • install core 32bits libraries (ia32bits);
  • install manually a 32bits version of the libcupsimage2 library in /usr/lib32/;
  • install the Xerox Phaser 6010 32bits package;
  • configure the printer with the driver.

Installation of 32bits libraries

If not already done install the core 32bits libraries on your 64bits installation with the following command:

# apt-get install ia32-libs

Installation of the Xerox drivers

Go to Xerox web site to download the Phaser 6010 deb package on the Linux page. Select English as language since the complete drivers are only available in English.

To install it you need to force the architecture since it is a 32bits (i386) package:

# dpkg -i --force-architecture xerox-phaser-6000-6010_1.0-1_i386.deb

Configure the printer

Install and configure the printer with the proposed Xerox driver. Normally until know you should not get any error. However when trying to print it cannot success.

In Cups logs you can see that a library is missing:

Installation of a 32bits version of libcupsimage2

libcupsimage is not included by default in the 32bits library of Debian therefore you will need to install it by hand. For that just go to Debian web site and download the 32bits package of libcupsimage2

Uncompress it in a temporary folder (ia32 for example) with the following command

$ dpkg -X libcupsimage2_1.5.2-5_i386.deb ia32/

You need then to copy the library at its correct place as root (/usr/lib32):

# cp ia32/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib32/

To take it into account you need to update the library used by the dynamic linker just run the following command as root:

# ldconfig

You can launch another print and that time it should work.

You have to be careful since the library was not installed with the package manager therefore it will not be automatically updated.